Wednesday 13th October 2021 – Day 3 of the Summit


Each year, the climate crisis becomes ever more urgent. Young people will live through incredible changes in their lives – it is time they had their say on our future.

The West of England has created a Climate Action Plan to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Working together with regional councils like Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and Bath &NE Somerset, the aim is to become carbon neutral and climate-resilient by 2030.

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Investigate: What does rubbish have to do with the climate?

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh works at the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations, University of Bath

“Not only are mountains of waste bad for the environment and wildlife, but they’re also linked to increased carbon emissions. How? Well the more stuff we make, transport, and then throw away, the more emissions are wasted in the process. In fact, two thirds of the UK’s emissions come from the physical stuff we buy. We need to fundamentally rethink our throwaway culture.”
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Ideas to reuse (repair, recycle or re-use) 65% of our waste

Watch these films then take part in the live chat discussions.

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Wednesday: Update!

Have a look to see what happened in the discussions this morning. We’ve put up some word clouds to see what topics and themes were popular in the discussions as well as the chat transcripts
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Action Plan: LIVE

West of England Mayor Dan Norris is here, and he will be discussing regional action plan and answering your questions from this morning, or live if you have more to ask.
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Close Down

Thank you all for your work during the summit and for your honest thoughts and opinions.

Read back through some of the discussions, and leave feedback.

We hope to see you again.



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