Ideas to reduce/reuse 65% of our waste by 2030?

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Photo: Professor Teresa Dillon

Repair is an act of rebellion‘ by Professor Teresa Dillon, UWE Bristol

“Repairing our own belongings is an act of rebellion, of refusing to participate in our throwaway society. We need to fall in love with our stuff again – hanging on to clothes that bit longer, artfully patching up objects, or steampunk salvaging from landfill. These are all lost skills which are being rediscovered by our community of repairers.”

Photo: Olivia Meyonette

Designing for reuse and recycle‘ by Olivia Meyonette, Resource Futures

“While reduce and reuse or important parts of the waste triangle, we can’t get away from the fact that most of us consume an awful lot on a daily basis. That’s where recycle comes in. It’s my jobs to re-design packaging and waste systems, so the materials can go back into a circular economy.”

Photo: Jasmine Tribe

Reducing our throwaway habits‘ by Jasmine Tribe, City to Sea

“We can’t swap or substitute our way out of this mess. Fundamentally, we have to stop buying throwaway stuff. I’ve seen the impact our society has on the natural world, and it’s pretty dire. There’s bottles, wet wipes and single-use food packaging littered all the way around the British Isles! That’s why City to Sea is calling on us to REDUCE and REFUSE – just don’t buy that straw, coffee cup, or bottle – choose reusable instead!”

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