Welcome to Day 3 of the Summit

What is YEESS about?

Each year, the climate crisis becomes ever more urgent. Young people will live through incredible changes in their lives – it is time you had your say on our future.
The West of England has created a Climate Action Plan to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Working together with regional councils like Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and Bath &NE Somerset, the aim is to become carbon neutral and climate-resilient by 2030.

But how are we going to practically reach this goal?

This is your chance to find out the facts and question the experts. Watch our postcards from the future, and then discuss your ideas with other young people over our three day summit.

Don’t forget to question our leading regional politicians each day during the live broadcasts!

How can we afford Net Zero?

“Many of the criticisms of plans for net zero focus on the cost of change. But can we afford not to take action? I’ll tell you about how the economy works, and describe new models for financing business and community projects.”

Ellen Harrison, Triodos Bank

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