Ideas to heat our homes without fossil fuels

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Photo: Denis Fernando

Home energy conversion opportunities for jobs‘ by Denis Fernando, Friends of the Earth

“The energy transition presents a jobs bonanza, and that is only a good thing for young people! As well as exciting technologies being installed in new housing, we also need to retrofit nearly 28 million homes across the UK. Whether it is heat pumps, insulation, engineering design, or electricity generation – that’s a lot of skilled workers we need over the next decade. As you enter the workforce, get ready to contribute to our Net Zero transition!”

Photo: Ecotricity

Renewables and energy generation‘ by Anna and Darren, Atkins

“The UK is a world-leader for wind power, which now accounts for 24% of our electricity energy mix. We have so many solutions at our fingertips for low-carbon energy, including nuclear power. We think that designing and rolling-out renewable energy sources is a huge opportunity for the UK economy, and our potential to lead the world in climate action and mitigation.”

Photo: Ian Preston

Insulate‘ by Ian Preston, Centre for Sustainable Energy

“Energy demand has fallen over the years, with households consuming 12% less energy than they did in the 1970s. But to reach Net Zero, it has to fall even more. We need to get energy savvy – pumping out less emissions, passively using the sun’s warmth, and trapping the heat which we already have. Our engineers are working on housing ideas to demonstrate the wealth of options we already have at our fingertips.”

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