What will the day look like?

  • Each day will kick off with a discussion to set the scene.
  • At noon, participants will receive 3 video postcards from 2030, offering solutions and exploring the barriers they might face to becoming sustainable.
  • Students will be invited to join the postcard-writers and other engineers to discuss those solutions throughout the afternoon.
  • Summaries of the conversations will be presented to our local political leaders and policymakers who will respond to the young people they represent each day.

Additional teaching and reading resources allow students to participate as much as they like. Students can participate either in lesson time or as independent study.






Question How Might We take 40% of traffic off the road by 2030? How Might We heat our homes without fossil fuels (phase out carbon based heating) by 2030? How Might We reuse (repair, recycle or re-use) 65% of our waste by 2030?
Scene setting 09:00 – 11:30 Dr Steve Melia, Centre for Transport and Society, UWE Bristol
Video and chat discussion
Ruzanna Chitchyna is an associate Professor at the Cabot Institute, University of Bristol.
Video and chat discussion
Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh, Centre for Climate and Social Transformations, University of Bath
Video and chat discussion
Postcards from 2030 09:30 – 12:00
  • ‘Electric, shared, autonomous self-driving cars’ by Professor Tony Pipe, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, UWE Bristol
  • ’15 minute neighbourhoods’ by Lucy Corfield, Atkins
  • ‘Integrated public transport’ by Emilia Melville, Moving Bristol Forward

Followed by chat discussions

  • ‘Home energy conversion opportunities for jobs’ by Denis Fernando, Friends of the Earth
  • ‘Renewables’ by Dale Vince, Ecotricity
  • ‘Insulate’ by Ian Preston, Centre for Sustainable Energy

Followed by chat discussions

Followed by chat discussions

Action Plan 13:15-14:00 Mayor Marvin Rees
Bristol City Council
Facilitated by Roy Kareem
Black and Green Ambassador
Councillor Toby Savage
South Gloucestershire Council
Councillor Sarah Warren
Bath and North East Somerset Council
Facilitated by Bristol Natural History Consortium
Regional action plans and answering questions from students
Green Jobs Discussion
3pm Mayor Dan Norris
West of England Combined Authority
Facilitated by Bristol Green Capital

Who is behind YEESS?

The DETI Inspire programme at UWE Bristol have partnered with I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here to host an online Sustainability & Engineering Summit. Using this platform the Summit will enable young people in the West of England region to connect with engineers from the Bristol and Bath area.

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