Student Resources

1️⃣ Prepare for your live chat

You’ll be able to directly ask politicians questions in live chats, with the resulting discussions communicated to policymakers in the West of England, and showcased to international audiences at COP26.

If you’d like to see what our politicians have promised to do, you can find their Climate Action plans here:

2️⃣ Think like an engineer

Thinking like an engineer involves developing a solutions-finding mindset, or engineering habits of mind.

3️⃣ Look at the Schedule

All our discussions are carried out online using only text-based chat, so you can contribute from anywhere in the UK, from home or school. We will explore the variety of ways that engineering can help tackle the Climate Emergency and discuss the interconnected solutions needed for future sustainability.

You can chat to each other in a safe environment, and learn from your peers as well as the engineering experts. Look through the daily schedules to see which parts your interested in.

Download the PDF Guided Work Sheet [PDF]

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