Ideas to reduce traffic by 40%

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Photo: Professor Tony Pipe

Ideas for electric cars‘ by Professor Tony Pipe, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, UWE Bristol

“People will still need cars to get about – but we aim to make them greener. As well as going electric, our team at Bristol Robotics Laboratory is also researching driverless cars which can pick up passengers when they need it. We may see car ownership fall as people share cars in their community.”

Photo: Lucy Corfield

15 minute cities‘ by Lucy Corfield, Atkins

“As cities get bigger, we can’t depend on everyone travelling into the city centre and jamming up our roads. That’s why we need to bring services out to where people live! 15 minute cities is an idea that everyone can reach their shop, school, or doctors with only a fifteen minute walk or cycle. At Atkins, we’re planning out the routes so people can get there easily.”

Photo: Emilia Melville

Integrated public transport‘ by Emilia Melville, Moving Bristol Forward

“Not everyone can afford or drive a car, and it will take years to re-design our city services. That’s why Moving Bristol Forward aims to connect up the dots with an integrated public transport network. Electric trams will connect up our suburbs, and green buses will take you where you need to go.”

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